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eye disease treatment

Mary has been successful in supporting many of her patients in reversing the effects of the following eye conditions:

glaucoma   -   macular degeneration   -   myopia   -   presbyopia

If you have diabetes or have been in a car accident that has affected your vision, please let Mary know.

What Mary's clients are saying...

pain free thanks to mary

"A work place injury 8 months ago, changed my life. Not realizing the SI joint was out of place, and still working away, thinking chiropractic would solve was just hell itself manifested. Even lifting 20lbs with the SI joint out of place I'd have to go to the chiropractor. Before I received treatment from Mary Lee, even wearing a fanny pack was hell. Now I am pain-free and feel great.

Believe me folks..if chiropractic or physio isn't enough to relieve you of your pain...YOU MUST SEE  MARY LEE! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!  If you do not want to use painkillers all the time see Mary."

- Brian

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