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Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention

Acupuncture supports optimum function of both the heart and brain creating greater health in the body and preventing the risk of both heart attack and stoke.

What Mary's clients are saying...

relief from 8 years of chronic pain 

"I started seeing Mary Lee during September 2020 because of chronic pain throughout my body. Although I try to eat healthy and exercise, I have had chronic pain for 8 years. I would describe feeling like a "twisted pretzel". This pain resulted in emotional depression, and deeply impacted my quality of life. For years, I tried medical doctors and explained my very real symptoms. All my tests always came back normal, and they always concluded that it was in my head or emotional.I felt hopeless.

Mary was able to pin point my problems. She addressed my most pressing pains immediately and I felt better after the very first visit. Then she started to peel back the layers of issues. She listened and has been treating me as an individual. This is so rare in the medical profession. She has been so patient and has helped me through the process, always careful to ensure what my body can handle. After 5 treatments, I feel lighter, my body feels more able to move freely and feels more open. This has also resulted very quickly in helping my mind feel brighter, happier and more motivated. It is very evident to me that Mary deeply cares about the people she treats and is very happy to be able to help people live better lives. Thanks to Mary, this process also made me appreciate even more how wonderfully made the human body is and that God really cares about me personally."

- Natalie E

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