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What Mary's patients are saying

"Mary is a true healer."

Dear reader of these words, the woman who stands in front of you [Mary] is a TRUE HEALER!! At this time there are many who claim to posses the gift of healing but only a very few have the correct attitude.

Mary is selfless. Her heart, mind and spirit have fo

- Robin Richards

would recommend to everyone

"Dr. Mary Lee had recommended this Cleanse from China. I'd started the cleanse on a Friday and finished the cleanse on the Saturday. I've done other cleanses in the past: Lemon Aid Cleanse (three times, at 10 day to 14 day sessions) and an Elderberry Cleanse (once), and the Cleanse that Dr.Mary recommended was so much more gentle. I didn't feel like I suffer through the whole process as I did with the Lemon Aid Cleanse. It also didn't make me feel dizzy or nausea which the other cleanses had.

I'm a type 2 Diabetic and I had concerns in regards to my blood sugar levels when I went off my medication for the weekend. Dr. Mary reassured me the cleanse would help my diabetes (even bringing my blood sugar levels down, which it did) and there would be little if any negative effects (which there weren't) and then she also added she would be available during the weekend if I had any concerns or complications (a rarity in the Medical Field, if not all together non-existent)

After the cleanse I found immediate results: I felt lighter, my stomach is more settled with less bloating. I have higher energy levels, with better complexion and my eye sight is a touch better.

I found the Cleanse highly effective and gentle in its process. I would recommend the Cleanse to everyone, especially with Dr. Mary Lee's highly skilled and expert support."

- John Conway

avoided surgery for 26 month old

"My daughter was 26 months old when she was diagnosed with a serious pneumonia 2 weeks after she contracted chicken pox. She had to stay in the hospital for almost a month. Her drip medication had to be changed 3 times as the antibiotics given to her was not strong enough. her hands became so swollen that it had to be reposition 4 times. She had tubes inserted at the side of her chest to extract the mucus from her lungs. We were told to be prepared for a major operation if her lunger were to be infected again. We had to send her to the doctors with the slightest flu!

She was admitted to the hospital again after 3 months of her discharge for having a flu. She went thru another series of antibiotics. By now she has turn a little yellow/pale and was no eating well. We were still considering if we should put her through an operation. She became a very unhappy child. She was not to go swimming and even day care and was told to stay away from crowded places. That was a year ago. We meet Dr. Mary Lee when we moved to B.C. She was very confident she could fix her without taking anymore antibiotics. She was right! As she was afraid of needles, Dr. Mary Lee had to give her massagers on certain pressure points instead. We went for the treatment for a few weeks. Today, my daughter is an active little girl who loves to swim and she is even going to pre-school. Best of all, she did not have to go under the knife!"

- Mrs. T Ang

"Thank you for giving me new life"

"My goodness, I can not believe even the things that have changed in my world as a result of the acupuncture and the cleansing that I have experienced the last month or so, in the 10 - 12 treatments I have experienced

I no longer experience the constant indigestion that I experienced for the last 10 years. In addition to that I also no longer am annoyed by the nagging knot in my back on the left side of my back about the shoulder blade. My plugged passage on the left side of my nose after some 15 or more years and numerous doctor appointments with some consideration to surgery is now open and passing air to my lungs. I have been experiencing some tiredness in the afternoon, I'm not saying it is completely hone, however I think it is now a more explained tiredness. And the best for last, I have some, or should say I used to have some 30 or more hearing loss in my left ear, I used to turn my right ear to hear a conversation and still missed it in it's entirety,  I now find myself turning my left ear to hear a conversation and now don't miss any of the conversation.

I must say, that I am convinced that there is something to be said about treating the problem, not the symptoms of the problem, with nothing more than connecting the che in my body.

To you Mary Lee, I thank you for giving me new life. Thank you very much."

- Robin Richards

symptoms disappeared in one week

"Depuis longtemps, j'avais d'insomnie, des chaleurs et je sue durant la journée. De plus, dans la nuit, je me réveille plusieurs fois pour uriner. Après avoir pris Mary, je n'avais plus les mêmes problèmes. Je me sens plus en forme, plus d'énergie et je dors beaucoup mieux. Mary ma aidé à mieux vivre.


Le 1e jour: J'urine moins souvent

Le 2e jour: Je dors mieux

Le 3e jour: Jai plus d'énergie

Le 4e jour: Jai plus de couleur au visage

Après une semaine, tous mes symptômes sont disparues"

- Que Yu Teng

"The doctors couldn't help me"

"[Mary] has helped me so much with my colitis, I was suffering for a whole year, the doctors couldn't help me, they kept telling me try this medicine, try that medicine until I met you Mary, you have done good help for me.

Thank you so much."

- Helene

mary - the human x-ray machine

"I am writing this primarily to express my eternal gratitude to Mary Lee for all she has done for me, physically and mentally. When I came to see Mary, I was in recovery due to the loss of one kidney and a subsequent stroke. I was experiencing anxiety which triggered severe eczema. I had very little appetite, had lost a lot of weight, was low energy and feeling weak. Also, I had developed a blurriness in the corner of my right eye. While I do appreciate all that was done for me by the medical system and doctors throughout my ordeal, at this stage of my recovery it seemed mostly I was being given drugs to alleviate the symptoms of my problems. Mary, who I like to call the human X-ray machine, has a very different approach. Her empathy and profound skill and knowledge as an Acupuncturist, has and continues to, restore my health and well being. my anxiety is now very sporadic, my eczema is gone, my vision is clear, my appetite has returned, along with an ongoing increase in strength and energy. In addition to addressing my obvious (to me), problems, Mary adjusted my hips, eliminated pain in my shoulders and lower back and has helped to stabilize the GFR and creatinine  levels in my remaining kidney.

Finally, I do now know where I would be had I not had the good fortune to be introduced to Mary and the acupuncture she practices. She is a kind, caring and loving woman whom I will be eternally grateful. I hope her reputation continues to spread and more people get the benefits of her commitment to help people achieve a healthy, satisfying life."

- John Moreland

results after only one treatment

"There are not enough words that can express how very grateful I am for all you have done for me.

My sinuses are so much better and the increased amount of oxygen I now breathe into my body has contributed much to my general sense of well being and healthy colour has returned to my face.

Ridding me of my chronic bronchitis and then reducing my asthma after only one treatment to the extent that I can actually take a deep breath without coughing or wheezing is nothing short of a miracle.

I want to thank you once again. I know, that when you return to Canada, the rest of my medical problems will be solved. I had completely given up hope that I would ever get better, you proved that one should never do that. What a wonderful gift you are bringing to the sick and suffering world. Your patients in Taiwan will be very happy to see you and so will I when you return."

- Karuna

healing many conditions

"Dr. Mary Lee is an exceptional healer. I came to her for help with sleeping and digestion. Within a week of starting to work with her, I was sleeping through the night and my digestion is much improved! She also fixed my SI joint problem that I'd had for years and took care of an ankle injury that had been bothering me for months. After working with her for only three weeks, I feel healthier than I have been in many years. Mary is a kind, compassionate professional who will do her best to help you reach optimal health. I recommend her with enthusiasm!!"

- Mary Ann

all stiffness in back - gone!

"After being in a car accident in the beginning of September I had lots of back pain and my neck and shoulders were very stiff. After 2 weeks of seeing Mary all of the stiffness in my back was gone!"

- Stephanie Richards

digestion keeps improving

"I have for many years had digestive problems, after one treatment was significant improvement. After some more treatments it's continuing to get better."

- Laura T

"i am lucky to have met mary"

"Je suis très heureuse d'avoir eu la chance de bénéficier du bienfaits de l

acupuncture. Je me sens d'une forme que je ne pensais plus connaitre. Je sens une energie dans mon corps qui est très saine. Continue ton beau travail, tu fais tellement de bien."

- Suzanne L

mary is magic

"My first treatment with Mary she knew right away what was wrong with me. She only put a few needles in my head but my legs, which have always been outwards, moved inwards so that my feet were both straight! I have been working with physio, chiropractors and massage on and off for 10 years to try to fix this and Mary worked her magic on me in the first day! All week I walked around looking down at me straight feet. Magic.

Now, after 3 sessions, my shoulders are almost aligned, They have been slouched and the right one about 4 inches lower from the left since high school (~15 years!)"

- Michelle Beaudry

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